I'm sorry, but it's all I can think about

(painted glasses make me happy)

Hello to you on this rainy morning.  Rainy morning.  I love how that sounds.  I've decided today is a good day for arts & crafts but first I have to pay some bills and figure out exactly how much money I've spent lately.  I fear it's a lot.  Nursing bras don't come cheap, you know.

I'm pretty much to the point where I feel I have everything I want to have before baby comes.  I got him a tiny hoodie for him last night.  It's very cute and brown.  I do mourn all the hoodies I had for James and gave away.  A good hoodie is hard to find.

I say "pretty much" because my sister sent me a link to this this morning and now I want it.   It's basically a cross between a bassinet and a bouncy seat...the best of both worlds in my experience.  It takes away the stigma of having to say your child sleeps in a bouncer or a car seat, as I have had to do with both of mine, and looks so flipping cozy.  And it's tall, which is really nice.  Hmmmm.  I know Patrick will say no, just like he did when I wanted the baby papasan bouncer.  bastard.  (HA!)  (which I now see only comes in swing form.  My kids have never used a swing much...so far, anyways.)

The other thing on my mind now?  These swaddling blankets by aden + anais.  We are BIG swaddlers in this house, still sometimes swaddling James & Ruby.  (whoops!  did I say that out loud?)  We've always done okay in the past with the old fashioned baby blanket...at least in the beginning.  As the babes aged & the seasons changed we've turned to cut up pillow cases (in the softest old cotton) and tshirts.  I'm thinking...100% cotton muslin?  Sewn in a square?  Sounds pretty easy.  I found some unbleached muslin online and am going to call JoAnn's and see if they carry it in the store so I can go feel it.  Might be worth a shot if I end up with my own lightweight blankets for 1/4 the cost.  (If I can't find any cotton that feels really good, these might be a splurge I will consider.)

And now I will stop because I have to do the financial stuff before Ruby gets ho e.  And because you're probably very bored.  :)



  1. What about really nice cotton? How light weight do you want it? You could make a swaddler out of some of your cute material - just wash the heck out of it...

  2. My code to type was Colin - nice boy baby name ;)

  3. I just love a rainy day, now and again. We were very arts and crafty today. Here's wishing you lots of love and foot rubbing between now and April Fool's . . .


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