The last couple days

The belly, 36w:

(it might not look that big but it is bigger than my breasts, which says something.  I am not bragging.  trust me.)

The face, 38y:


The girls, pre-k screening:

S:  (on the phone with Patrick after the screening)  Ruby was in the 82nd percentile.
P:  In what?  Sniper skills?
S:  (laughing)
P:  How to use a garrote wire effectively?
S:  (howling)

The helper:

The wall after help, taken to make Patrick's toes curl:

The finished product:

The roller skates:

The inevitable:

The siblings (so far):

The mad free motion quilting skillz:

The novelty of cleaning not yet worn off:
(and the already-at-home quilt)



  1. You look so cute, and your hair is getting long! I like it. It's funny because that color is almost the same as the one we painted a bedroom next store in. I liked it so much that we got more for our laundry room. Its called ginger. Have a good weekend! xoxo Seester

  2. I love the picture of you, too!

  3. You look very happy and very pretty for being very pregnant. What's your secret? Thinking about your last month of pregnancy is giving me bad flashbacks. It was the longest month of my life. And you're painting? Amazing.

  4. I agree, happy and pretty. :-)


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