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I started my first blog nearly 7 years ago.  It was going to be about my pregnancy with James but I never got past the first post:

Week 6: Today is my first visit with the midwife. I am pretty excited and a little nervous. I'll update when it's over.

Pretty compelling stuff.  The address was http://ourbabybunny.blogspot.com which is still there but totally empty.  :)


The kids both have dentist appointments this morning and Ruby claims she's going to let them look at her teeth this time.  I think she will, she seems excited and they are really nice there. 

Yesterday was such a good day for us.  What a gift!  I am very thankful and hoping today can somewhat follow in those footsteps. 

That's all I've got.  I wish you all a happy day...your comments have really boosted my spirits lately and I appreciate every one.  xoxo


  1. My goodness--I must have been busy this weekend, just catching up on your posts. I am so sure that 95% of what you are feeling is hormones. I remember just waves of FEAR and SADNESS flowing over me when I was pregnant with Ella. This too shall pass, right? XOXO


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