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Wendy invited us to the park after school and even though I was really tired I said yes.  It was gorgeous out today and it would have seemed criminal to pass up a chance to be outside.  I can sleep when I'm dead.  (or, in about 5 minutes...)  I have more pictures that I'll upload tomorrow but this one is a favorite.  Silly kids.  It was so fun to sit there in the sunshine and chat.  :)

I mainly stopped by to share what I accomplished in the hour after I tucked the children in.

7:15pm:  goodnight kisses, leave room
7:16pm:  preheat oven, find muffin recipe
7:17pm:  start mixing muffins and decide to make a "trial run" of the rice krispy treats that we're bringing to school on Wed.  (green, natch.)
7:20pm:  hear HORRIBLE howling from kids room, waddle upstairs, find out Ruby had tossed James his water cup and it exploded all over him and his bed
7:21pm:  try to console James
7:22pm:  tell James to be quiet or he'll be sleeping on a wet bed
7:23pm:  strip James' bed (not secretly minding too much as this was on my list for tomorrow) and hunt for new bedding
7:24pm:  sigh loudly and trudge down to the basement to get clean comforter off of line down there
7:25pm:  trudge back upstairs, offer more kisses and  general threats against poor behavior, leave room
7:26pm:  oven is hot, start mixing muffins
7:30pm:  realize no muffin papers available, sigh heavily & wonder what the hell I am doing making muffins at 7:30pm
7:34pm:  muffins in oven, start counting marshmallows
7:36pm:  marshmallows & margarine heating, pull out state tax forms
7:41pm:  add vanilla, green food coloring & cereal, spread in pan, leave plenty on spoon to eat immediately
7:44pm:  start state taxes, get water
7:46pm:  check krispy treats, still soft, get bowl and spoon & improvise
7:50pm:  look longingly at new Oprah magazine, continue on state taxes gloomily
7:54pm:  muffins beep, check them, decide 2 more minutes
7:59pm:  smell muffins, think OH CRAP, retrieve golden brown muffins, hope for the best
8:01pm:  cover krispy treats to avoid further temptation
8:02pm:  resume taxes
8:10pm:  finish taxes, happy with higher than anticipated results, good spirits restored
8:12pm:  get more water, wish I had some kool-aid, get magazine and come upstairs
8:15pm:  look at clock and again wonder what is wrong with self as I should obviously be in bed, decide to blog about it


8:50pm:  wonder at how much I can accomplish in a real life 25 minute window vs. how much I can accomplish in 25 minutes online  (see above)
8:52pm:  rewrite above statement
8:54pm:  publish


  1. I love coming over here, reading, and laughing my head off. I also LOVE the project you put together in the post below. SIMPLY FABULOUS.

  2. You are crazy woman. I LOVE the animal cards. SUPER cute. It looks like something you could buy at Pottery Barn for a lot of $. I like your new heading too. Do you ever rest? xoxo Seester

  3. Thank you Allison & Seester. Do you know you are both on the East Coast? You should be friends. thanks.

    :) xoxooxo I love you, Seester. When can I tell what you are having?

  4. I love all my pregnant nieces. Thanks to this blog, I feel as if I'm your neighbor (sort of). Hang in there, Steph , little nugget will be using that changing pad very soon! PS Have you read The Help ? Let me know because if you haven't , you'd love it. (During all your free time..... maybe between contractions??)
    Much love, Auntie Kristy

  5. Oh, dear Kristy! I wish you were my neighbor! For real. :)

    I DID read the Help and loved it. What was that book you were telling me about with a Ruby in it?

    My mom has your scarf...did she tell you that? xooxox

    (sorry...I know scarf days are over but it will keep until next year.) xoxo


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