sad sack

I've been kind of moody since Sunday, alternating between fine, sad, stressed out and grumpy.  When Patrick got home last night I was laying in bed and I told him I was sad.  He said okay and shut the bedroom door so I could rest for a while.  He opened the door a while later and asked how I was.

S:  still sad.
P:  STILL?  It's been like 45 minutes!
S:  (sighs)  Aren't you ever sad?
P:  (thinks)  No.  (shuts door.)

We put the kids to bed a while later and after kisses I returned to our bed.  He came in and laid down next to me.

P:  O-kay, what are you sad about?
S:  You really want to know?
P:  (I'm sure he thought NO but he said...) Yes, please tell me why you're sad.  (he might have rolled his eyes.)
S:  (I take a deep breath and begin my mile long list of things I am sad about.  Most of them are small, some are bigger, he responds to some, makes fun of me for others, mainly just listens.  At one point I check to make sure he's awake.  I finally start winding down and half heartedly list a few things I am happy for.)
P:  Is that it?
S:  I think so.
P:  Okay, now go to sleep.  You're just tired.
S:  (thinking he is partially right.  We worked hard on Saturday, I drove all day Sunday, was crazy busy on Monday, and felt the worst yesterday.  I hadn't eaten dinner, though, so I went downstairs to have some yogurt.  When I got back upstairs he was asleep and I turned on the closet light to read, he stirred.)
S:  Should I turn on the lantern instead?  (a flashlight lantern)
P:  (sighs and rolls over)  It just makes me so sad when you use that lantern.


I am feeling better today, still kind of close to tears but not in such a sad way.  I'm so thankful for him and for his sense of humor.  One thing I was sad about was that I couldn't do our state taxes because I need the latest version of Adobe and I couldn't get it to download.  He was trying (last minute) to do it this morning and couldn't get it either.  I said I had switched over to mad that he didn't do it last night.  (he got up for a while at some point)  He told me not to worry, I'd be back to sad again soon enough.  :)


There is no denying that spring is coming.  We actually made it!

(last year)

I have told myself that I'm not going to get all excited about planting this summer because I will probably just let it all die after baby comes, but it's hard not to.  If you're local, do you read this?  It's a site all about gardening in Wisconsin.  In my imaginary world I'd like to go a bit farther than our container garden last year and just saw the idea to use an old  kiddie pool as an easy above ground planter.  Cool, eh?  We'll see what happens.  I have a feeling I may start some stuff just for the fun of it and not worry so much about later until later is upon us.

That's it for now.  Ruby has pre-kindergarten screening this morning so I have to go quick teach her the alphabet.




  1. Awww, don't be sad. You've just got a touch of the "end of pregnancy blues"! Once you start crossing some things off your list you'll feel so much better. Ask for help if you need it, I'm always here. Patrick cracks me up, silly goose.

  2. I'm sorry you're sad:( I hope you feel happier very soon. Your hubby sounds a lot like mine. Don't you just love when they make the perfect joke at just the right time...and it just reinforces that he was made for you? Love that.

    Something about living in Wisconsin has this effect on people...wanting to get your hands in the dirt. I would love to start a garden but I'm just not sure I'm up for the commitment.

    Must go take my Wellbutrin now...thanks for the reminder-lol:)

  3. Hey Steph. I'm sorry you've been feeling this way too. Will be praying that you can cross things off your list and that you feel better soon. So glad you have a husband who can help you when you feel down.

    Love ya!


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