signing off for the weekend...

Spring break has officially begun as of 3:05 and we are all pretty excited about it.  I am celebrating with some tums and a nap.  ;)

Wendy came over last night to eat brownies and watch Precious with me.  Man, what a movie.  It was horrible and really good.  I am not in the mood to discuss deep things so that's all I'll say.  Have you all seen it?  Anyways, I was up late and then up again from 3 to 5am driving myself crazy with a brain that wouldn't turn off.  I got a little more sleep, got up, got mad at Patrick, got ready and went to meet Heidi for some coffee & thrifting.  We had a nice time and I forgot for a while how tired I was and why my husband ticked me off this morning. 

An aside:  It sucks when you're upset with someone for valid reasons but deal with it in a bad way yourself so then you have to be mad at yourself and them.  sigh.  The child in me knows I was "right" but the adult knows that's no excuse for being a bitch.  Hopefully we can set this right tonight.  How do you let it be known that you are MAD without sounding snotty?  Ugh.  Too much for me to handle on too little sleep.

Anyways.  I have to go call him.  Wish me luck and I wish you a good weekend, my dears.  xoxo


  1. Unfortunetly, sometimes bitchy and snotty is what it takes to get them(meaning men) to take notice.

  2. I think all pregnant women should get a pass in their last trimester -- best parking spaces, front of the shopping line status, and, most of all, total forgiveness from all for any sort of yucky behavior.

    That said, I find it's best to talk with the husband about sticky issues (thing that are broken around the house, recent mistakes I may have made, etc) after sex. Unfortunately, being 39 weeks pregnant (!!!) may make this a little harder to accomplish. Which is why I go back to paragraph 1. Total forgiveness.

    Hope you have a restful and happy weekend. Wouldn't it be great if your next post was about the baby??? Sorry if this sounds pushy - I'm just so excited for you to meet your new little boy!

    Oh, and no, I haven't seen Precious yet. My name is on the list for the novel at the library, and I'm sort of wanting to read it before seeing it. Hard stuff, huh?

  3. I saw Precious a couple of weeks ago and like you, thought it was amazing and horrific at the same time. I am amazed that I didn't hear more about it. I can't imagine you watched it being so pregnant--it must have made you ill.

    I really admire how you put being made into perspective--and how it you think you act poorly about it, you end up being mad at the person and yourself. That really resonated with me today.

    Have a great weekend! And get off those feet!

  4. Stephanie-
    I get so mad at myself when I didn't act like I hoped I would. This occurs a lot with me. I guess it goes with the growing of marriage & motherhood! I enjoyed viewing your blog today- thanks for giving me many smiles & happy thoughts.



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