so far, so good


Here is a full view of the kitchen wall I painted, with all of our crap back in place.  We both like it and plan on painting the rest of the kitchen to match sometime soon.  ;)  I also painted our art shelf white and re-organized everything.  So satisfying!

 The animal fabric is part of the line I bought for my downstairs pillows.  I got this yard just because I loved it and thought I'd make baby some pants or something.  (ha!  enough with the pants, right?)  Later on that same day I found a crib bumper and crib skirt at Target and got them because they A) were cute B) were $5 each and C) matched the room color.  When I got out to the car I realized that they matched that fabric I had bought earlier PERFECTLY.  Thus the idea for the quilt (that I have not worked on again but am hopeful about) was born.  I'm also going to make a fabric banner for over his bed out of the coordinating fabrics.

It's kind of strange to see the old crib up again.  For the last time.  sob.  (and THANK GOD.)  :)  (It's hard to tell but the crib skirt has polka dots on it, too.) 

I spent part of Saturday morning washing everything fabric on all of this gear and hanging it all on the line.  I got the car seat last week on Craigslist and was SO HAPPY to cross that off of my list.  It came with a cute cover, too.  The little pod on the far left is where our babies sleep at first (in our room) and that bouncy seat saved our lives when James was a tiny one.  He loved it and ended up sleeping in it for months.  My Brest Friend is on the shelf by the crib, just waiting.  This is my second one.  I used the heck out of the first with James and then barely used the new one with Ruby.  Who has time to get all strapped in for nursing when you have other kids around?  I have no idea if I'll use it this time but am glad it was one of the (few) things I saved.  The changing pad will go on the dresser and I have a small shelving thing that will go next to the dresser to hold the lamp & diapers, etc.  Once baby is here all this gear will be moved out and our nursing chair moved back in. 

The walls need a couple of holes patched and touched up but other than that and some decorating we are a go for baby in the nursery.


Because my placenta is in the front I don't feel a ton of movement from this boy or from my other two.  I have never seen a foot roll across my belly or seen an elbow sticking out.  I cherish all the rib kicks and bladder punches because I really have only felt any of my kids in these high and low spots.  I try to stop and appreciate every one of them because this is the last time I will have another one of our children growing inside of me.  What a gift.  One that is definitely worth having to wait for my husband to cut my toenails for me.  :)  (where can I get a good pedicure?  My heels are HORRIBLE.)


  1. Super Cute! How is Ruby and James room looking? What brand bassinet is that? I think I will get one similar to it. You need to put his name in there somehow. If he gets one! HAHAHA xoxo Seester

  2. I ♥ the animal fabric! Exciting stuff going on at your house!

  3. you are a nesting queen!!! Everything looks so cute and cozy. I am so looking forward to meeting that little guy you've got tucked away.

    Now I want to pain too!!


  4. WHAT!!! Patrick cuts your toe nails what a guy! I have repeatedly asked Pete and he says "no" I am going to ask again tonight~ You're so lucky!

  5. Annie - How are who's rooms? You mean those other kids of mine?? Aw, they're fine. And don't laugh...this nephew of yours might be nameless for good. sigh.

    Thanks everyone for letting me get my nesting geek on and appreciating it with me. :)

    Melissa, It's either he cuts them or he listens to them click on the kitchen floor. hehhehehehehheee!!!


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