taking a little break from rearranging the living room

to wish you a happy weekend!  I hope we get some more green paint on the walls downstairs...that will make my weekend a happy one.  :)

I am due for a nap but first, a few pictures for you:

Above is what I found at the dig on Thursday for a grand total of $5:  for me: pj pants for next winter, a t shirt, a thermal hoodie and a ls lands end tshirt.  for ruby:  2 pairs of shorts for next summer, 2 tshirts to turn into skirts (the snoopy one is one of them...so cute!).  for james:  red sport shorts (he loves these).  for baby:  2 receiving blankets, 1 pr brown sweats and 3 onesies.  Not too bad for one hour of digging and five bucks.

Most of the cookies in this Nabisco Classics line are dairy, egg & nut free.  The Snickerdoodle is new to the line up and they are really yummy.  I love that there are a couple options for "safe" store bought cookies other than the Oreo.
I sewed up this simple fleece & flannel blanket, as well as a bunch of burp cloths, for the wee one using stash fabric.  It feels good to use what I have and it is nice and cozy.

My sister and I each ended up buying one of these.  I love it and hope the intended does as well.  (I actually wish I had an adult sized one for right now...)  I told Andrea not to tell me about any more cool stuff that she finds...I can't afford it!  :) 

I'm pooped.  Have a good weekend!



  1. Wow! All that for $5? I never find stuff that cheap- I must be going to the wrong places!

  2. Great dig finds! I just bought five dresses and a pair of Jeans for Ella and two pairs of shorts for James at a used children's shop for $40 and thought I done great!!!

  3. Holly - Dig & Save (on S. Park St) is not for the faint of heart. The name is not a joke...you have to dig through huge bins of unsorted clothes to find a few gems. You might sneeze and you will get dirty but you also might love it. I love it. :)

    Allison...you did! My favorite strictly children's used shop closed...that was a bummer.

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  5. I can't wait to see that paint on the wall!!!!!!

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