top ten things about a weekend without the kids

  1. the quiet
  2. being together, just the two of us
  3. working together on the lower level
  4.  (the white is just primer)
  5. not thinking about anyone else
  6. not having anyone jump on me or say "mom" for 3 days
  7. eating whatever we want, whenever we want to
  8.  (cupcakes for breakfast, anyone?)
  9. sleeping in
  10. not dealing with any fits or fights
  11. laughing, laughing, laughing
  12. having them back home with us on Sunday night
Thank you, Mom & Dad!!!!!  xooxoxo


    1. oh my, what a BEAUTIFUL space! no wonder you've been wanting to get it done. I love the wall color - perfect for a basement! Your weekend sounds wonderful. Are your parents free next weekend for my kids? :)

    2. Sounds like a great weekend!! Your lower level looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the pictures when it's done. You're so close!!!

    3. Yeah! I was hoping to see the results of your hard work!! And those CUPCAKES . . . .OMG!! Did you say Clausen's???????

    4. The lower level does look great! I'm glad you had such an amazing weekend. Maybe i could drop off my two at your mom or dad's this weekend?

    5. Ha- I'm with Jules- party at Stephanie's Mom or Dad's house!

      Where did you get the cupcakes? There is a new bake shop in Middleton and I'm wondering if these are from there:)

      I love the paint color and the fireplace- very cozy. Would you mind giving me the paint name? It's exactly what I want but can't seem to find.

      So glad you had some alone time before the new arrival:)

    6. I'm sorry, I retain nothing from that post, because my mind is going "CUPCAKES CUPCAKES CUPCAKES." JK. Glad you could enjoy some alone time.

    7. Holly - the color is a sherwin williams color, Full Moon. It's very creamy and pretty...slightly lighter than the photos show.

      Heidi & Holly - Yup, the cupcakes were from Clausen's in Middleton. They were delicious (especially the Key Lime & Red Velvet) but they are normally 2.99 EACH. They were b1g1 free or I'd never pay that much for a normal sized cupcake. However, I might if I was there right now. :)

      Thanks all. xoxo


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