Patrick and I did the kid hand off last night so I could have a little time to myself.  I was home by 8:45, due to frighteningly large calves, but it was still a nice break.  I turned in early and was up at 5:30, happy to find myself in a much better mood than yesterday.

At least we had a nice walk after school yesterday...Ruby was such a crab up until then.  "This is the best day, Mom.  Spring has so many treasures!" she said as she stuffed pine cones and old rubber bands in her pockets.  Almost made me forgive her for earlier.  ;)

(one of our smoke alarms just started beeping.  how irritating!)

Because I was up so early, running the dishwasher and starting laundry, James got up early too.  We had time for one game of Uno*.

We actually ran out of time and couldn't finish.  He was pleased with this because he had MANY more cards in his hand than I did.  He purposely draws a lot sometimes just to get a Draw 4 card.  Little rat.

I asked Patrick this morning to please find the little nails in the basement that I've been asking him for for 2 weeks.  He was down there digging around for a while and came up with these, claiming they were all he could find.

Nice.  Now, he does this kind of thing to me a lot but I still usually fall for it.  A few minutes later these were sitting on the counter.

much better.

Here's a dilemma I'd like your help with.  I got this hoodie at the dig last week but it has this rather large and ugly design on the front.  I thought I could easily cover it up but cannot think of what shape to use out of the fabric I like.  This patch is kind of long and awkward.  Beer bottle?  Bowling pin?  Swaddled baby shape?  Rectangle?  I seriously got nothin' over here.  Any ideas for cute (longish) shapes for me?

Ruby, this morning:

One thing making me happy today?  Ruby's preschool was cancelled and we don't have to go ANYWHERE.  I am celebrating with a scrunchie.

Take a good look because this might very well be the LAST REMAINING SCRUNCHIE in existence, especially rare because it is DENIM.  I am so wishing I still had my denim shirt to throw on.  (hee!)

And finally, another little show off, mainly for my mom.  She gave me this vintage needlepoint a long time ago after I scolded her for not displaying all the cool stuff she had at her house.  Of course it then sat in our basement for over a year...oops.  I got it out last week and was happy to see it fit perfectly in a frame she also relinquished to me at one of our visits to the dig.  Perfect!  It's not really my style but I do like it for Spring.  I want to find some pretty candles to put in my little pots.

Okay, time to go sit on the couch.  Oh wait...

Thank you for all the book suggestions yesterday!  The two Liz mentioned in the comments were 2 that I had forgotten about...thank you, Liz!  :)  Her Fearful Symmetry was a super creepy one that I actually had the nerve to read because of Liz mentioned it on her blog.  The ending was a little much for me but it was a good read.  Bloodroot was really, really good as well.  It made me want to be a hillbilly mama, in a good way.  I already added your suggestions to my library list...thanks, again.


*uno is also the number of weeks until my DUE DATE.  Did you hear that BABY???


  1. It's been a while since I've clicked over. LOVE your chalkboard header and bright spring-y yellow. Very chipper!

    I'm working my way through the Harry Potter series (I had read the first 2 years ago and then stopped for some reason). I'm adding Bloodroot to my list, sounds like a good read.

    Nice scrunchie. ;)

  2. Oh, and pardon my bossiness, but you must read The Help and Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society if you haven't.

  3. Oooh! Guernsey is SOOO good and written in the form of letters between the main characters. Very good!

    And I like dragon flies and would wear a whole shirt embroidered with them - where's the love??? OK, not really, but might consider a tattoo...

    Yep, I'm just typing and not really much to say so I'll stop now. (The work below is 'shiesd' which isn't really a word but I'm gonna try to use it today. 'Don't shiesd me!'

  4. Oh, and I need to start playing Uno with Grace - thanks for the reminder! (the word now is 'dingsfv' and I don't think I can use that one.)

  5. I love that needlepoint...I would love to make something similar (yeah right) and put it in the girls' room. The first thing that came to mind for the hoodie was a sewing machine, since that's a hobby of yours, but it's not long and I'm guessing that would be heard to make. What about a bird- they're all the rage right now. I will e-mail you about my shade thing:)

  6. 'Hard' to make, I'm from the south but I don't talk like that;)

  7. heehee, heard to make. ;)

    OKAY, I will read the potato and cow book. (guernsey) It's now on my list. Kathy, be warned: UNO is not a fast game. ;) Also, I never even really noticed the dragonfly. The large flowers are too country for me.

    Holly from Texas, I did read the Help and LOVED it. And, like I said, I will read that potato book.
    Thank you for your input. :)

    Holly from WI (but who is also from the south), I was thinking bird, too. But what bird is big enough? A bald eagle? HAHAHHAHAHAHA

  8. Actually I think you need to do a series of items to cover up something that big. Like a group of flowers, or trees, or toadstools. Or a little of all three. Or an owl in a tree. You get the idea... (I think if you just do one big thing you aren't going to like it long term.)

  9. how about the empire state building? or, that monstrousity that was just built in Dubai? Or a collage of all of the tallest building in the world? hahahaha!

  10. yes, totally creepy ending, but a great read. :)
    also, Bloodroot was better, in my opinion. a really good story. glad they entertained you as you waitwaitwait.... :)


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