I decided to check into refinancing our house last week.  You know, just because I was bored.


I'm glad I did, though, as we can go down a full percentage point and the VA has a simple refinancing program that doesn't involve an appraisal.  (no cash out, just a straight refinance)  It does, however, involve me tearing apart a few different places in our house this morning looking for our 2008 W2.  Thankfully I found it and even grudgingly got some more filing done.  (that was obviously needed.)  That was my Monday morning.  I hope yours was better.

We did get some painting done this weekend but didn't finish, of course.  We ran out of the green paint.  I'm not sure these photos show the shade correctly...it really reminds me of the green of a school blackboard.  We both like it a lot.

Guys.  I've got nothing to say today so I'll stop pretending that I do.  :) 



  1. That's great- every little bit helps! It's a good thing you are getting all of that stuff done now because I'm thinking you're going to be a little busy in a few weeks;) The best kind of busy.

    Our apartment in Cali was a similar shade of green (sigh-sniff) and we loved that color. We're trying to find it for a few accent walls but it looks like it's been discontinued- but I'm not giving up just yet.

  2. Where do you get the energy? Especially so close to your due date? You are an amazing woman Stephanie---and not just because of all the cool stuff you do and make--

  3. oh excrement! it just happened again...my e-mail disappeared as i was writing. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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