are you kidding me?

STILL no baby.  I am good, though, sitting here with my book and my broth and some sierra mist.  Patrick just went out to eat and I tried to get him to tell me every detail but he wouldn't.  All I know is he had some sort of roast beef sandwich from Pizza Extreme.

I am hungry.

We got here at 11:30 and they gave me the first dose of misoprostol at 12:30.  During the next 4 hours I dilated one half of a centimeter.  I know, my cervix is a total slacker.  I got another dose at 4:30 and am having more contractions but nothing to write home about.  (or blog about, except I guess I am)

We did bring the laptop so I plan on posting the birth on youtube ASAP and will link to it here.

Kidding.  But I should be able to update whenever I feel up to it.

What are you guys doing?  We are a little bored now but it's almost time for Survivor. 



  1. Come out babbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeee!

    We went to the cards game today. We lost. And it's hot.

    Really exciting stuff, huh?

  2. I love that you're posting from your hospital room! Is your mom here yet to watch the kids? You have a super cozy uterus, what do you expect from that little snuggler? Come out little boy . . . we're waiting for you!!! Keep your eye on the prize Stephanie!! I'm bathing kids, it sucks. :)

  3. I would trade places with you in a flash!!! My kids are E.V.I.L. tonight. ugh Too much sun and fun today.
    Are they going to start Pitocin or do cervadil(sp?).
    Good luck - keep the faith!!!
    Can't wait for that youtube video - hahahahaha ;)

  4. I know you're super anxious to get that little one out but enjoy being doted upon while it lasts! Keep the updates coming! I'm off to give baths (I'd rather be in your shoes)!

  5. Ok I am going to the only one telling the truth here. I am glad no to be in your shoes!!! :). Ok but really I should have brought you a cold drink from Starbucks today. I hope that by now the reason we have not heard back from you is a good one. I hope you are sleeping with that little boy next to you( and in you:). Will keep you all in my prayers tonight.


  6. Steph, I also hope the reason you're not back on here is because you are snuggling with that little guy. Praying for you!

    Love, jolee

  7. Yes, I agree with the above comments, I hope you are loving on your new little man! XOXO

  8. You definitely have the gift of hospitality. You have made baby too comfortable, he's the guest who never wants to leave. =0)

    Waiting to hear, prayers going out, edge of my seat (as I pray for your 'seat' ha!).


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