the good, the bad and the downright ugly

the good:

  • friends who come over to chat with iced coffees  (and friends who have thought of it)
  • friends who happily (as far as I know - haha) watch my kids for me
  • just the normal every day conversations that happen with other moms
  • everyone seeming so kind and interested about when this baby will come (family, you guys and people around me)
  • thinking about digging up, dividing and sharing some of my perennials with friends (doesn't seem as scary to me this year because some of them are obviously well-established)
  • city wide garage sales coming up (always a good time to get new plants!)
  • a nice Monday after a crazy (kind of on and off creepy with Patrick) Sunday
  • thinking that by next Monday we'll be home with our boy  (Lord, help us)
  • dilated to one -  Now that's what I call PROGRESS!  ;)
  • good non-stress test  (he gave us a couple good movements right away then fell fast asleep...I had to push on his head to get him to move again near the end.  sorry, kid.)
  • good blog reading - I am too lazy to link but go ahead and click over to any of the blogs on my sidebar...there's marathon running, moving onto sailboats, bathroom remodels, bald eagles, lots of crafting, sweet kids, elimination diet successes, lots and lots of sweet kids & their mamas who write about them - good stuff  (WI Holly??  I miss you!)  :) 
  • a pile of new magazines from the library
  • getting the last item checked off of my "need" list - a baby bathtub!  Thanks, Heidi.  (she found me the one that I registered for (and got) when I was pregnant with James...full circle)
  • nice days ahead
the bad:

  • I can't think of anything right now, really.  Had you asked me 4 hours ago I would have said my children and their voice boxes
the downright ugly:

  • nothing.  that was just the catchiest title I could come up with.


  1. happy to be your personal shopper! Maybe that should be my next profession? :)

  2. 1cm- woohoo!

    p.s. you're so cute...I'm still around...just being lazy;)

  3. lazy is allowed, Holly. I was just sayin'...

    :) You'd be an awesome shopper, Heidi. For real.


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