A fake version of Ruby's famous scowl:

Me at Target on Saturday. I was with Ruby. No make up. I did get that ugly flower covered up on my sweatshirt and am happy with the results:

You can see that my belly has not grown much over the last 4 weeks or so...this is common for me.  I'm glad because it means I am more comfortable than most when I am this far along.  I actually pulled some weeds yesterday which I have been dying to do.  I was on all fours in our backyard, surely not my most flattering position, but it's not like I'm trying to get a boyfriend, you know??  ;)

And finally, just another Ruby picture:  (love those bum dimples)

I am scheduled for a non-stress test at 2pm and to see my doc at 3pm.  That means I need to find a place for James after school...my morning mission.

I am scheduled to be induced Thursday morning (14 days over) if he doesn't come any earlier, which I'm assuming he won't.  I know, I know.  It could happen any time!  HAHA. 

Time to go wake up the kids and husband.  I hope you have a good Monday.  xoxoox


  1. You're the most patient women I know. I have set up my induction already for a week early...I am serious.
    Best luck,

  2. I love the picture - you look great!! I'm sending good labor vibes your way. My doc told me that once I scheduled my induction it was sure to happen before then. No luck for me but maybe it's the trick you need. Take care mama!!!

  3. The good news is he's going to be here in five days or less . . you've waited this long, five days is NOTHING!! :)

  4. Have you tried jumping down the stairs??? (kidding) What you need is a overnight in a nice fancy hotel with lots of extras that you pay for before hand and can not get you money back from (that is sure to make him come out;) And if it does not you get a great night:)

  5. you look fabulous! 5 days or less! Can you believe it? You sound great and look great Steph! Can't wait to hear the incredible news that he's here.

  6. When, Melissa?? You are right behind me!! eek! ;)

    Thanks everyone. I know this whole thing is getting a little old. ;) xoxo to you guys.

  7. May 28th. YIPPY!!!! Is that Patricks bday? We just listed our house on the market yesterday call me crazy.


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