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Nicholas has his 2 week check (wha???) this morning and then we have to head to the bank to meet with the mortgage guy.  A while ago 2 hours didn't seem like nearly enough time to get 3 of us ready but Nick has been sleeping for the last hour so Ruby and I are good to go.  whew.  Now I'm going to wake up the little buddy for his bath and 2nd breakfast.  I moved him up to a size 1 diaper yesterday.  sob.  I am looking forward to see what he weighs. 

We made it through Target yesterday (closest place to get a few groceries outside of our little store here in town that doesn't have most of what I need) so that was awesome.  Teresa commented that the checkout line was the worst...and it was!  But he never fully started crying and my breasts didn't squirt the checkout guy so I'll call it a success.  After that we got James from school, came home for more milk, and then walked over to a park right by our house.  There were some other kids & moms there and we stayed until dinner time.  Very nice.

Yesterday a woman commented to me how sweet these early baby days are but so hard to enjoy.  I don't know...I think it all depends (for me) on how much sleep I get.  Also, I am consciously letting stuff go if I just want to hold him or read a book to the other two.  It's not always easy (hello dishes!) but it feels right.  This is probably the last time I'll hold one of MY OWN tiny fat ones.  I plan on enjoying every minute that I can.  And thanking God every time I wake up feeling even mildly refreshed.  I don't want to miss this.  GAH.  The love.  It kills me.  sniff.



  1. 'my breasts didn't squirt the checkout guy'

    You crack me up! Thanks for being so real. And I totally get it.

    Also very sweet you are able to enjoy Nick - keep that going as long as you can. I found that with Grace I didn't mind the mid-night feedings because it was always a sweet time with just the two of us. I miss it.

  2. I just wanted you to know that Ada and I come here all the time to see what you are up to and " to look at photos of Ruby"

  3. You need to start putting a disclaimer at the top of each post that says "Warning, gushy baby stuff ahead" so that I don;t read it. You're killing me here. I said I didn't think I wanted another but, but, but . . . ACK!!!


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