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OH my gosh.  James was such a pill on Wed & Thurs.  There could be lots of reasons why but none of them made it easier to handle him.  The one good thing?  I was able to stay in control of my self for almost all of it.  Not because of any super mothering powers but simply because it wasn't all at the end of the day when I am my tiredest.  For the first time yesterday I felt really worried about how hard this summer might be.  Waste of time, right?  That is still over 2 months away.  Right now I just have to get us through today and so far, so good.  We are just staying home today (for now...might go meet Patrick for dinner at a park again later) and maybe this is what we all needed...it really was a fun but busy week.

I am enjoying the quiet of the house (right now they are playing nicely...I give that 10 more minutes, tops.)  :) ,having the kids help me with chores, the breeze blowing in our bedroom window, having our sheets out on the line, the girl scout cookies my sister sent me (and the book!  thanks seester! xoxo), packing up my sweaters, washing all of their summer clothes and taking stock...just a nice day. 

I don't want every day to feel like something I just want to get through, you know?  If I have 2 more weeks until I get my baby, well, then I do.  And these 2 weeks are still 2 weeks of all of our lives...not to be wished away. 

Remind me of that when I take an emotional nosedive next time, ok?  :)  Because we all know that will happen at some point.  (most likely tonight at around 5pm)  Patrick, God bless him, didn't bat an eye when I went directly up to our room when he walked in the door last night at 6pm.  He fed the kids and got them into bed by 7.  (their normal bedtime, they usually read until 7:30, and he thinks the later bedtimes this week are messing James up.  could be.  who cares?  hehehe.)  He came and checked on me, scolded me for not being asleep (I was reading) and brought me some OJ. 

I started this post a couple hours ago and just got a chance to sit down again.  It is so windy out!  But warm and really nice.  Hope you have a great weekend!!  xoxo


  1. isn't this weather amazing? It just feels soooo good to have windows open. I'm jealous of your outside clothes line.

    It's hard not to wish away the last 2 (?) weeks. I know - I've been there. My first and last were born before the due dates. Lovely number 2 was born 2 weeks AFTER. I had a scheduled induction (but all it took was breaking my water and wooosh, out he came (sorta)). Anyway, as far as going in to be induced or waiting - it probably doesn't matter in the end, so I hope whatever happens or you decide, it's what YOU want.

    Maybe this wind is bringing an atmospheric change or barametric drop or something that will start labor. haha. (but seriously, I can get you a salad recipe that is supposed to start labor, which supposedly works once you are overdue. My source, a former doula, claims it works 100% of the time. let me know if you want it.)

    Anyway, best weekend to you!

    p.s. oh, and what is with the zoo not having that climbing area opened? do they always close it in the winter? We were BUMMED last week when we found it closed.

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  4. Hey Teresa - SEND me the salad recipe, please. :) Are you back from the Dells? Hope you guys had/are having big fun.

    They do close it in the winter but I think they should have def. had it open by spring break...crazy.

  5. oh my word, I didn't need to submit those comments THREE times. whoops, sorry. I'll work on getting that recipe and email it to you. :)

    yes, back from the dells. it was the perfect vacation, according to my kiddos.

  6. I'll be thinking about you all weekend, keep in the know!!


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