nicholas patrick

We finally named the little nugget on Sunday morning.  It was a fun process and sometime I will tell you all the names Patrick came up with that had me dying inside.  (until I talked to my sister and then we were howling with laughter.)

This is my first time online in days and it's kind of fun.  We are laying low and taking it easy...doing well.  My mom ended up surprising us and coming for the weekend, which was wonderful in so many ways.  (she will come back again for a week in a few weeks)

I am tired.  We love him so much.  He totally looks like one of our kids, which is kind of strange.  (that we have enough kids that they have a "look" to them)  He has dark brown hair.  So far he doesn't like gas pains or the van but does like his brother and sister and nursing.

Okay a couple old know, from a day or two ago.  xoxoxo


  1. Oh my - the happiness of your family just jumps off the screen. I love how both Patrick and James are totally studying this new little guy. And how Rubes is so happy she is going to burst!!! I think he looks like Ruby - maybe that's why she's so happy :)
    Congrats!!! I can hardly wait to meet him.

  2. awwwwwww, family bliss. Congrats to Nicholas . . . he's got one heck of a great family.

  3. I was just sitting here, digging your new-baby bliss, loving the name, oohing and ahhing over the pictures, and my world completely fell apart. I had to break up a fistfight, put out a fire (literally) and punish an out of control 6 year old (all in the course of 10 minutes). Enjoy these oh-so sweet moments (yours, not mine). They make up for the rest. :)

  4. James.."what do I do now?"


  5. I could look at that little guy all day! Ruby and James' faces are precious! Congrats again Steph. You have a beautiful family.

  6. awesome! lovely name as well! :)
    we had the same gravel-on-the-rooftop view from our last hospital room, too! ha ha ha. enjoy your babymoon!!!

  7. Excellent choice. So happy for your family!


  8. Welcome to the world Nicholas! Enjoy this precious, sweet time together:)

    (it's going to say Christopher but it's Holly- gah!)


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