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Yesterday was one of those days where God gave me just what I needed.  I know a lot of you are praying for me (especially my mama) and I know those prayers are working.

Ruby and I headed out right around lunch time yesterday and I ended up taking her to the new Roman Candle in Fitchburg for some pizza.  She was so cute the whole time and beyond thrilled when I got her an ice cream cone afterwards.

((It might seem silly to some but watching her enjoy that cone almost brought me to tears.  She almost never get treats like that out because James can't have them.  She LOVED it and it just made me wish and pray for the day that we can do something that simple but fun with James, too.  I know it's JUST ice cream but there's something to be said for treating your kid to an ice cream cone on a hot day.  (yes, we have ice cream at home but it's not quite as tear-jerking.  HAHA. :))

So, anyways.  That was really nice.  Then we got James from school and he started in complaining right away about no computer time (his consequence for calling his mother a dummy on the day before she gives birth to his other LIFE LONG companion) so I got us a snack and made him come up to my room with me.  He chilled out right away and miraculously Ruby played in their room leaving him & I alone for almost a half an hour.  I needed to "connect" with him a little and it seriously lightened my mood to have that time.

After that they played quietly (!!) while I snuck in a nap.  Patrick came home a while later and we had burgers in the backyard for dinner.  I won't tell you how he & I connected a little later on.  (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHaa!) 

We watched TV!  Really. 

A simple day but exactly what I needed.  I was thinking about it this morning, after my good night of sleep, and realized how it all came together perfectly.  That is not random, friends.  :)  Thank you, Lord.

And also, thank God that I have no time for any more trips to Target.  I did some serious damage there the last 2 days.  My sister was at her Target at the same time I was yesterday and we bought our babies the same clearanced winter booties.  Then I impulsively bought my baby this little bamboo stuffed gator and she told me she *almost* bought it for my baby.  Then she went home and had...HAMBURGERS...for dinner.  NO WAY, right??  ;)

I also got some navy blue nail polish.  I like it but think it's much cuter on Ruby than on me.

Now I am really signing off until I am a mother of three.  xoxo


  1. i check in with your blog every day to see how you are and let me just say that you are a TROOPER! i'd have blown every gasket i had by now - but you're a mama to two and almost 42 weeks pregnant. congratulations. you win some kind of prize for that! :) thinking of your family!!! ~liz

  2. It's a beautiful day to have a baby, Mama. I'm sending happy, healthy, easy delivery vibes your way.

    xxoo Naomi


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