Thanks for all the positive baby feedback.  :)  I suppose I've always blogged about my life and now, well, this is my life so it only makes sense, right?

There are actually so many things I want to record (I might have said that yesterday) but it just takes too much time to do so right now.  I have a little time now so I'm just going to let it all roll out while I can... 

We took Nicholas to the doctor on Wednesday (he's doing great...only one ounce away from birth weight) and got lunch to eat at McKee Farms afterwards.  It was warm and sunny and so fun to put him in the mei tai for the first time.  I thought it would be way too big but with a fleece blanket tucked around him it was perfect.  Ruby loved chasing the birds and collecting trash treasures and Patrick and I wished James were with us.  We also decided that it would be a near perfect life to just eat picnics every day at different parks.  Can you imagine?  I will miss Patrick's help next week, for sure, but mostly I am just going to miss him.  He is such a good partner for me.  (sniff.  sniff.)

We went for a walk last night I used the mei tai  again and he is actually snoozing in it right now.  Love that.  I love having his little head right here.

OH, before pictures, there's one more thing.  Patrick swaddled Nicholas up good last night, hands included, and he slept over 5 hours.  IN A ROW.  I had to wake him up at 5am because my breasts were aching.  His longest stretch before that had been 3, maybe 3.5, hours so that felt incredible.  I rolled my eyes when he took him out of our room last night claiming that he needed a good swaddle.  "Not his hands," I said.  Guess who is having their hands swaddled tonight?  I wonder what will happen.  I had seen his hands drive him crazy (mouthing them) but he protested so much when I tried swaddling him that I let it go.  (one tends to do that when there is so little protesting going on)  Patrick was definitely the hero this morning...especially when I woke up again at 8:30 (Nick slept from 6 until then...swaddled) and he brought me coffee and toast.  :)  xoxo

A quick word about the other two.  ;)  James is doing great with all of this.  He loves the baby and kisses and holds him when he can.  He wonders when he can start teaching him stuff.  We were going to have him stay home a day this week but never did.  I feel okay about this because A) he barely complained about school in the mornings (a change over last week) and B) he has had lots of Dad time after school.

Ruby is a bit more verklempt about the whole thing.  She adores the baby but is kind of emotional and mopey, too.  If you correct her about nearly anything, especially involving baby, she claims she needs privacy and goes away to cry.  It is hearbreaking but passes quickly.  I think next week, when it's back to her and I (and Nick), will be good.  We'll find a new routine and I will make sure she knows I couldn't do it without her.  (the truth)  I am just making sure to give her tons of kisses and hugs and jobs to keep her feeling good.  She likes picking out Nick's "morning clothes" every day. 

I re-learned a lesson on Tuesday morning:  Never say anything except, "really good!" when asked how baby is doing unless you are open to lots of stories and advice.  I felt verbally cornered that morning by two really, really nice women who jumped all over it when I said Nick had been fussy the previous two nights (his second and third nights out of the womb).  It was all immediately "fussy baby, gassy baby, colic, give up dairy, when mine was like that" and on and on.  Like I said, I really like both of them but it was just TOO MUCH for me that morning.  Then Ruby came up and bit me on the stomach and I dashed out of there in tears.  Yikes.  I came home telling Patrick I was never talking to anyone again.  :)  He just put me to bed.  Seriously though...that will be my reply if I am not feeling open to suggestions.  I get it..we all want to share our stories  (I mean, look at me now...) but sometimes it's not so fun to have your business analyzed, you know?  And funnily enough, other times it's all you want...for someone to hear you and share what they know.  I just need to gauge my mood before I go there again.  ;)

(fyi:  if I say here that things are "really good" it's because they are.  And if I say something is hard, by all means, chime in because I wouldn't put it out here if I wasn't ready for it to be open for discussion, okay?)

My Dad is here now...hours later...so I'm going to wrap this up.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics later.  xoxo


  1. Steph - Yay for sleeping! My kids were swaddlers too, and I never got why they would possibly like that and scream when their hand(s) finally got free, but the proof is in the puddin', eh? =0)

    Please take a pic of the mei tai as I don't know what that is and am too lazy to google it this moment.

    You picnic comment made me remember that 2 summers ago now we did a summer picnic schedule with friends picking a different park with a good playground each week so the kids could play, everyone brought their own meat/buns/drinks and something to share and we had weekly picnics. It was really fun and low maintenance. I'm totally doing it again this year. Maybe your family would like that too?

    Love hearing what's going on there!

  2. I'm with Kathy! YAY for sleep!!! 5 hours?!?! That is a true blessing and I am so happy for you and praying that happens again tonight!

    I wish I lived closer. I would love to stop over and hold that little cherub and help out.

    Can't wait to see more pictures of your little angel!

  3. I bet that five hours felt like twelve:) I remember being there (sore breasts and all). Good for you and him. I so know what you mean about ladies wanting to give advice, EVERYBODY has a story to tell don't they? I think the "really good" idea is a really good one;)


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