reading between the lines

(I got this little coat rack a few weeks ago and love it)

Yup.  Still here, still pregnant.  41w today.  I have talked to so many women lately that have gone to 42w that I know I am in good company...this is not that unusual.  (positive self talk)

I'm still feeling good.(might be lying)  I wake up puffy, which seems strange, but it goes away once I am up and around for a little bit.  I am also getting puffy earlier in the day (like 8am) but since all I feel like doing the last 2 days is laying down, this is not a huge problem.  I see my doctor tonight.

Today I feel bored (and pissed off) and it's only 6:23am.  Patrick woke me up at 5:30 with some HORRIBLE snoring.  He has my cold now so it is understandable, but I have to admit to feeling some (ha!) anger towards him as I stumbled out of our room after trying unsuccessfully to get him to shut up.  Our weather is sucky these last couple of days but should improve tomorrow.  I just need to think of something for Ruby and I to do together today.  (besides eat and sleep) She loves helping me with just about anything so that's always an option.

Last night she was visiting me in bed (I always go lay down now when Patrick gets home (like I'm not already) and I was thanking her for all the help she gave me during the day.  She asked me to tell her a story about all the ways she helps was so cute (and painful as I just wanted her to go to sleep).  I added on a part about all the different ways she can help once her brother is here, just for good measure.  ;)

We got some disturbing news about Patrick's life insurance yesterday.  Due (yawn) to how he answered some questions during his interview, the rate they gave us was 3x what they originally said...over $200 A MONTH.  The questions were about his scuba diving and he answered them based on what he'd LIKE to do over the next 2 years...not based on what he will LIKELY be able to do.  sigh.  Chances are that he will not be taking 10 or more (blah, blah, blah)dives deeper than 120 feet, you know?  Our agent is going to try to get the underwriters to base the rate on the last 2 years (2 dives deeper than 120 feet) instead but we aren't that hopeful.  Now we have to decide if we want to make room in the budget for the original (checks watch) amount we wanted or go for a year at a more affordable lesser amount and then try to get them to reconsider next spring.  (based on actual dives this summer) 

I do realize that the above holds zero interest for anyone else but me.  Sorry. (but not really)

I am ready for a nap, me thinks, or maybe some coffee.  (or a nice dose of zoloft)  yawn.


It is now nearly 2 hours later and I am in such a better mood and so much more awake.  I had a good time threatening suggesting to Patrick that he set up that futon downstairs just in case he is snoring again tonight.  He didn't even roll his eyes...just thanked me for his food and kissed me goodbye.  Good man.

As I reread what I wrote earlier I added some comments, in blue.

Speaking of his food...he and I had a talk last weekend that I hope will fend off some bickering in the early baby days ahead of us.  Almost every morning I make both James and Patrick a lunch and have some to-go breakfast and coffee ready for Patrick when he leaves.  Now, this is nothing fancy...he normally has a bowl of yogurt with fruit and granola or an english muffin with sunbutter and jelly.  His lunches are mostly sandwiches (2 please, with lettuce) or leftovers, but he really appreciates this.  See, Patrick likes to sleep until the last possible minute and would leave starving every morning if I didn't do this for him.  Also he is usually busy at work and sometimes puts off going to get himself something until 4pm when stuff slows down.  He really appreciates when I make the effort but doesn't expect it, either.  It also saves us a lot of money.  HOWEVER.  I know that soon mornings will be a little crazy and it will take more of an effort for me to do these things for him.  So I asked or laundry?, and he chose food, which means he agreed to do laundry in the evenings.  I hope this works out as I know he appreciates the morning food and I will really appreciate the night time folding.  What compromises did you and your spouse make after a new baby's arrival?  Did any of it actually stick?  :)

I have to go read (watch tv) with Ruby a little bit before school.  Have a good day today!  xoxo


  1. You are funny, even when you are pissy, which no one would hold against you!

    Come on out, baby! Here, baby!

    Looking forward to hearing about baby's delivery - you're going to blog through the labor, right? Keep it up, Steph! You are almost there!

  2. i find i am thinking of you every few minutes today...i wonder if that means anything (besides wishful thinking :) know i'm devising a plan of how i can pull everything together in a few hours if your dr. says anything meaningful this evening. i love you. have a good day, kiss the kids, etc. xoxo mamma

  3. funny post today. :)

    I was hoping the pictures-only post yesterday early, and then no update later throughout the day (remember my stalker past), was a secret code message to those closest to you that you were in labor. I thought I had cracked the code, and I was so smug about my insider info that baby was on his way. oh well... it'll all be over soon, right?

    hmmmm, compromises upon the birth of a new baby..... what a lovely idea..... I should have known you 4 years ago........

  4. I got two weeks of Kal's undivided attention after both boys were born. He did lots of things. Sorry to say the only thing that stuck was taking the laundry downstairs on wash day.hehehe - like doing laundry is a one day affair - wishful thinking at our house!

    take care.

  5. Hey Steph. So good to talk to you the other day. Craig is a snorer, so I understand your pain. It stinks. I can get very cranky about it sometimes.

    Take care Steph. Still praying for you. You are one funny lady.


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