ruby's tuesday

(with special guest, Nicholas)

I love how she looks when she looks at him, especially in the last picture.  She looks SO much like her dad here.  xooxoxox

p.s.  am contemplating trip to grocery store and am v. scared.


  1. How precious and tender. You can feel the love.

    Hey! Your pictures remind me of something I did with the third baby. When he was 2 whole weeks old, I did a black and white baby photo collage (baby bits, or whatever it was called), and the photographer did a bunch of shots with the big brothers. She was very good and very reasonable, and I'm so happy we captured how teeny tiny he was back then. If you want her info, let me know.

    Hope grocery shopping went well. If it didn't, I hope some kind soul took pity on you and gave you their spot in line. It's the waiting in line at the end that's the killer!

  2. I love baby love!!! so sweet :)


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