sarcastic not cryptic

No baby.  That last post just came to me and I thought it was funny.  It reminded me of a coffee mug I saw once that said, "Creamer is for babies!"  :)  I will not be cryptic once this baby comes, trust me.  I will be SHOUTING it from the rooftops and showing everyone my empty womb as proof.  kidding.  (probably)

Yesterday was a busy day so I haven't had time to respond to all your fun comments.  (the last 2 posts yesterday were auto posts, set up in advance.)  For the record, the cooch text was from my sister, not my husband.  Can't deny her credit for that little gem. 

Time to resume the usual Saturday morning routine:  coffee and wishing someone would bring me a cake.  ;)



  1. If I lived near you I would bring you cake RIGHT.NOW!!!! Thinking about you these days and waiting for the news!

  2. I wish I was a better cake baker or I would be all over it. BTW I just knew that the text was from you sister.... not something I think Patrick would send to you.


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