who needs 9v batteries?

I think I mentioned a chirping smoke alarm battery last week or the week before, right?  Turns out that our smoke alarms give us a few warning chirpy periods before turning over to the steady chirp.  Of course between then and Saturday, when the steady chirp began, I forgot to get 9v batteries about 50 times. 

I was sick in bed and Patrick was just about to leave with the kids when it started and became obvious it wasn't stopping this time.  He searched in vain for a battery and then ended up switching the bad one from our room with the good one from the baby's room.  We could still hear it, of course, as the rooms are all of 3 feet apart.  He told me not to worry about it and shut my door.  I soon fell asleep.

I woke up later and couldn't hear anything but a quiet house.  (ahhhhhh.)  I pictured a blanket or something taped over it but he went beyond that...

Maybe today I'll remember the batteries.  If not, this is quite effective.  :)



  1. THAT is impressive!!!

  2. ok, for anyone who dosen't know patrick, this is totally him! no problem goes unsolved w/him around :) good job sweetheart. mom

  3. So glad you are enjoying these last days without the little guy. His room is adorable...he needs to come soon so he and mom can attend our wedding:)

    Are you thinking of driving on your own???

    Praying for you and miss you something fierce.

  4. I really lol at this, Patrick is such a creative problem solver! :)


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