why I am happy tonight by stephanie g.

  1. did not have baby on Easter, meaning did not have to pawn children off on a holiday
  2. cold & sore throat that started on friday afternoon was not strep throat
  3. got to spend yesterday alone, in bed, with a good book 
  4. colored eggs in fridge = egg salad this week
  5. feeling much better today
  6. made it to church this afternoon...excellent message & music
  7. patrick asking me to slow dance during a slower song at church
  8. cleaned garage with family today
  9. had tacos for Easter lunch and popcorn for dinner
  10. large diet coke after church (thus the 9:30pm blogging)
  11. looking forward to tomorrow with kids...more fresh air
  12. nice talk/time with james tonight
  13. salvaged some of the "worst muffins I've ever made"  (aka: muffin tops to the rescue)
  14. planning our ham dinner, with coconut cake, for later in the week
  15. funny seester story involving a frustrating vacuum & pregnancy hormones (aka: buh-bye vacuum)
  16. wondering what I'll do on Tuesday morning when both of my kids are at preschool/school again (maybe sew a little??)  (I'm hoping that making plans will make babe come out)
  17. did I mention the clean garage?  (hoped that moving wood & hauling rocks would make babe come out)  (still to be determined)
  18. lots of good books on my library list
Why are you happy tonight?  (or this morning?)



  1. I'm happy that you had such a nice weekend.
    I'm also happy for me that my inlaws live so close that I was able to leave 10 minutes after arriving on Easter because an unruly child needed a nap. And even more happy to return two hours later for a great dinner.
    I hope your little guy wants to show his sweet face soon. :)

  2. What a wonderful post! Me? I was so in love with my children this weekend--I walked around both days feeling like my heart would burst every time I looked at that them. Please post your coconut cake recipe (seeing as you have some time on your hands today!) LOL

    Oh, and every time I come over here I hold my breath, waiting for news of your new little one!!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect holiday, Susan...a nap, quiet time for mom, and a great meal. :)

    Allison, I love times like those. Good thing our hearts can't *actually* burst, right?

  4. awww, this list makes me happy. I am touched by the thought of your husband asking you to dance at church. What a guy!


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