1p + 2s = happy

So Nicholas was sleeping on my lap when we last spoke.  I hit publish and thought I might as well try laying him down again.  He slept for 2 hours.

Thank God.

I realized today that I have a certain threshold of messiness that I can handle.  Floor not swept?  Fine.  Beds unmade?  No problem!  Dirty dishes on every inch of the countertop?  Not okay.  Pee all over the toilet?  Want to cry.  I didn't get the fun outside stuff done but I did get the house picked up and sailed to Massachusetts with Ruby so it all turned out for the best.  I had to wake the boy up to nurse before we walked to get James but it was too windy and we had to abort the walk in favor of the minivan. 

When we got home Nicholas finally had his BM.  Another moment to thank God for.

Brennan (pictured above with Ruby) just came to the back door and Ruby squealed when she saw him.  "You are so cute, Brenny," she said, "I missed you."
She saw him yesterday.


(that's 1 poop + 2 hours of baby sleep = happy)


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