as far as mondays go, this one is going fairly well so far

There's something about his little legs that drives me crazy. so. cute. I'm happy it's summer so I'll see a lot more of them.

And then there's the feet.  Everyone loves baby feet.  Right?
And, of course, the boy behind the cute appendages:
Can you see him back there?

There he is.  Our Nick.


We were so excited to get a package last week and even more excited once we opened it.

Zoe & Kari made Nicholas a quilt of his very own.  I love it and I'm pretty sure he does, too.

The back even matches some fabric I used in his room!  Did you guys plan that??  Thank you so much...we LOVE this.  :)


  1. Love your little guy and all his parts :) Can wait to squeeze them all very soon.

  2. He is so sweet Steph! What a cutie. I'll call you this week sometime.


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