Okay, a bit of a bitch fest coming up...

I just responded to your comments from yesterday and it got deleted somehow.  sigh.  Thank you for sharing your baby acne stories, Teresa & Kathy.  My sister in law emailed me that her sweet girl, Vivi, had it really bad and putting a good natural lotion on it really helped.  Patrick said last night that he looks like a 14 year old boy.  :)

Sometimes during the day Nicholas doesn't like to go down for a nap.  He doesn't want to nurse to sleep or even really be rocked to sleep.  It's kind of frustrating because he is tired, and needs to sleep, but has a hard time getting there.  The sling usually works but sometimes I want to shower, you know?  Today I let him cry for 5 minutes and he fell asleep.  It felt like forever but was just long enough for me to eat a desperately needed sandwich.  Then Ruby woke him up about 5 minutes later so then I went and held him and he passed out.  These are the things about infants that can be hard.  I'm reminding myself that I'd much rather he do this during the day than at night.  (he still is giving us good long stretches at night.  thank God.)

My mom is here but she has a really bad cold now.  :(  I am still letting her hold the baby, facing away from her, but in more limited amounts.  I think I would almost feel better if I got sick then Nick would get the immunity from me.  Right now I am just afraid he will get sick but she was holding him before we knew so he's already been exposed. 

Also?  The weather SUCKS.  Tomorrow should be better.  My mood will follow.  :)  Actually, now that the baby has been down for a while and I am dressed and got stuff picked up I feel better.  Ruby & I are going to make cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow.  My baby girl turns 4 on Saturday!!  Holy cats. 

From the other night:

S:  (nursing Nicholas and sniffling in the chair)
P:  Are you sick?
S:  No, I'm crying.
P:  Why??
S:  I want more babies.
P:  (big sigh)  How many?

Heehee.  I do but don't think we will.  This baby boy has definitely given both of us a bit of baby fever, though.  However, I don't want to be 50 with a kid in first grade.  ;)  Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean, right?

One more thing:  I have been reading blogs when I can but haven't really had time to comment as I usually am nursing the baby and only have one hand.  I love commenting on the stuff you write and promise I will get back to that when I can.



  1. "How many?"- THAT is a good husband:)

  2. See, and I am nervous to come hold little Nick because I am trying to fend off baby fever!!! :) I always want more babies . . .but do I really want more KIDS?? That is the question. This weather is really getting under my skin too, it's miserable. Odin went rhrough his little baby puberty acne as well, I hated it! Big hugs!!!


  4. Who could look at your little man and just say "oooh"? He's adorable! I remember the 1st time I brought Maddox out to meet the moms at Mason's gymnastic class, his face was full of acne, swollen, cracked, and ooozing. It was horrible. It looked like he had some awful disease (cue the food allergies).

    I am struggling with baby fever now too. Especially looking at all the sweet pictures of Nicholas. sigh. I hope it happens on its own. I would love a surprise!

  5. ah... babies. Jerome is going in for his 'no more babies' final appt. next month and we were talking about it tonight. Maybe if we weren't so old, or I didn't get SUCH BAD postpartum, or we had more money... But we decided if we had more time or more money we could spend both on the kids we already have.

    But, my ovaries still hurt thinking about it... the end of baby days is a loss and I think is hard for all women.


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