the graduation

The graduation, it was hot.  Hot and somewhat pointless but cute, too.  She is going to preschool again next year...good thing she doesn't know what "graduate" means.  :)

We are doing good.  It's been a busy week so far but a fun one.  Zoe and her kids came over on Monday afternoon and yesterday Teresa and her son came for a visit.  I got to see a few friends I hadn't seen in a while last Friday, too, so Yay! for friends. 

Nicholas purposely batted at my hair last night.  It took all of his tiny baby power and it was SO CUTE.  James didn't bat at stuff until 8wks, I don't remember when Ruby did (sorry, middle child, no blog or journal then), but Nicholas is actually almost 8 wks past his due date even though he's only been on the outside for 6 of them.  My little nickel.  I just adore every ounce of him.  Especially when he sleeps so nicely during the day, like the last two days.  On Sunday I was about ready to tear my (and maybe his...okay, not his) hair out because he would not sleep outside of my arms.  He does that sometimes and it's hard.  I think the KEY with this baby is to put him down and pretty much the first yawn.  We'll see.  It's my new theory and you know how theories & babies like to laugh in the face of mothers.

In other news,

Oh wait.  I have no other news.

hahhahahaha!  I do.  My friend Melissa is going to have her baby boy in 2 days!  Yay!!!!!  And my sister and Dad are coming to visit in July!  Yayyyy!!!!
Who else is coming, family?  Thomas & Erin?  Sarah?  Mom?  You know you want to.  :)  It's the weekend of the 10-12.

Okay, now I have to go get Ruby out of her room.  She is so sassy today.  Fine with me, a little quiet time was just what I needed, too.  Now we're going to water some flowers.



  1. Ruby is so flippin cute! I am so excited to see you all!! WOOHOO! Can't wait xoxo Seester

  2. Yay I made your blog :) and Yay I only have one day left now!!!! and Yay for Ruby graduating.
    Talk soon.

  3. Don't forget to tell them what the old man is bringing...
    We can 'drive until the map turns blue..'


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