I was robbed!

He took all I had!

(does anyone remember the SATC where Carrie got a Brazilian wax?  didn't she say something like that afterwards?  heeehehehe)

I think our buddy might be having his first growth spurt.  He napped again in the afternoon and then woke up around dinner time (how convenient, Nicholas) and wanted to nurse for HOURS.  It got to the point where he was banging his head against me because the milk wasn't shooting out per his request.  Well, buddy, I do need a restocking period.  I handed him over to Patrick when he got home so I could eat and slam some water and we nursed again for over an hour.  He then refused to be put down so I gave him back to his father so I could get some sleep.  He woke up at 1:30, after 3 hours or so, and was a snuggly little bundle again who nursed and then happily went back to sleep.  Babies are crazy little creatures, aren't they? 

I was struck once again by his absolute cuddliness this morning.  My God, this baby is cute.  (go ahead and roll your eyes...I would if he wasn't mine)  ;)    Thank God that days end, you know?  What if a day just went on and on and on without a break and a fresh start?  ugh.  So anyways.  I am feeling refreshed and ready for whatever today brings our way.  I am well hydrated and my only plans are to go to the grocery store this afternoon.  And a walk.  :) 

I just went to hang some laundry and realized a couple other things I want to do today:  write at least 1 thank you note and respond to at least 1 of the sweet emails I've received.  (note the lowered standards)  You know what I forgot to mention yesterday?  My mom is coming next week!!!  Definitely a good thing.  I can't wait, Mom.  :)  xoxo

I am keeping a close watch on my mood.  I told my sister yesterday that I don't feel depressed but I want to take some anti-depressants anyways.  You know, for a little boost.  I think the only boost I need (so far), though, is sleep.  I always wake up feeling good and slowly dwindle down to, "OH MY GOD," by the end of the day.  Still in the normal range for me. 

I will post pictures later if I can, otherwise tomorrow.  Also thankful for?  spell check.



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