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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with baby fever.  Mine seems to be abating for now.  I'm sure it will rear up again but I really do feel like we need to shut the baby door.  (no, not that one!)  My sister and brother should take over now and pray that I don't steal theirs.  (except when they want me to)
  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Miss Ruby.  I don't have time to write out all of my sappy feelings for her.  I'll just say that being around her is one of the best parts of my day...every day. 
  3. Patrick made me coffee this morning and it is so good.  (he is taking over for my mom...she made coffee every morning while she was here.  Like a sandwich, coffee is better when someone makes it for you, I think.)
  4. Ruby is at her last day of preschool and Nicholas is actually sleeping outside of my arms.  A nice break.  Did I mention the coffee?
  5. Nicholas is getting so big and chunky.  And even cuter, if that is possible.  His face is still a mess and now he is getting cradle cap, too.  Just shows that love is blind.  ;)  He also coos and smiles all the time.  He is also getting stronger and busting out of his swaddles.  We must now resort to the super swaddle.  It is working as he was back to his normal sleep pattern last night:  5 hour stretch, eat, 4 hour stretch, eat, then a 3 hour stretch.
  6. He has no nap pattern yet and I am trying to roll with it.  I do miss my "routine" but know that this is temporary.  I fell asleep last night looking forward to him waking up to eat so it isn't bothering me too much.  (but there are moments, don't get me wrong.)
  7. I need some new shirts and better bras.  I have 3 pairs of pre-baby pants that fit me (drawstring, natch) but I am getting sick of them.  I need to lose about 5 pounds so a couple more will fit better.  I am starting Weight Watchers and Leslie again after next week.  (gave myself 6 weeks off)  (Although I would probably drop a little right away if I stopped eating snickerdoodles for breakfast.)  I have around 18 pounds to lose to get back to pre-baby weight.  Right where I was when I started exercising regularly all that time ago!
  8. I got the cutest gift in the mail yesterday.  It needs pictures, though, so I will be back with that later.


    1. and just when my cold heart thinks, "no more babies!!!" I see your picture with those little one piece footed sleepers (my FAVORITE!) and I think, "ooooohh! But they are SO sweet!"

    2. We had a little of the cradle cap too. Sada still gets it but you just can't see it with her mop! A little baby oil on her fixes it right up.
      I wish I had a clothes line to hang cute baby clothes on. For a second I thought you had hung a pair of granny panties up there too!!
      Can you send Ruby over for a visit?

    3. Try Sears for some new clothes, they have a new Lands End line that is super cute!

    4. That picture is darling. It would make a great header photo. You've inspired me to hang a clothesline, I'm just not sure how or where yet. Life is short...enjoy the snickerdoodles!


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