now with no pictures!

Hi you guys.  My camera is over on the windowsill and I just can't muster the strength to go get it.  sorry.

I just called school to have James take the bus home.  This will be his second time this year.  His first was exactly 3 weeks ago today...the day his brother was born.  awwwww.  It's raining and I just didn't have it in me to wake Nicholas up to drive 6 blocks and fetch James.  I'm thinking of making banana whoopie pies when he gets home.  Perhaps that will make it up to him?  

I'm tired out this afternoon.  We had a nice day at home today but now I'd like a nap.  Nick was a nursing fiend again last night, not settling into bed until 10:30.  He slept well after that but I still feel zonked.  I'm so glad it's Friday.

I can't wait to show you the adorable onesies Allison made and sent for Nicholas.  Oh man, they are cute. 

Guess who I hear?  Gots to go.  Have a good weekend, friends.  xoxox


  1. You're so should have called me. I would have been happy to bring James home! Especially if you were making pies! :) Yum!! Have a great weekend!


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