things of note

  • James is having his first hot lunch of the year:  hot dogs.  We sent a bun & his milk and the little guy was soooo excited.  He told me this was the third time they'll have had hot dogs this year.  Sorry I missed that, buddy.
  • Ruby picked out her first glitter nail polish at Target yesterday.
  • Yes, I used Target as my grocery store again.  The thought of Woodman's just exhausted me.  I will do a "real" shop this weekend with just the littlest one along.
  • I took all of the kids on our first outing (without papa) after school.  We went to a wonderful greenhouse in Oregon (kopke's!) and everyone had a good time.  I got a gift I wanted to get, Ruby picked up stray petals on the ground, Nicholas slept in the mei tai and James got a canned lemonade out of the machine.  fun!
  • Nicholas slept in his crib for the first time last night.  I don't know if this will happen regularly now or not but it went well last night.  (his crib is about 7 feet from our his own room)  (yes, our house is small)  :)
  • People keep telling me he is getting bigger.  No he's not!!  ;)
  • I have been going to bed when he does the last couple of weeks - usually between 7:30 and 8:30.  Last night he went down at 7 and I stayed up!  Ruby and I went outside and did some weeding and planting and just enjoyed the gorgeous night.  It felt like a "regular" evening.  It felt good.
  • I got 5 thank you notes written yesterday.  woohoo!
All right, here are some pictures:

Nick's body is looking more peeling...but his face is still kind of a hot mess.

munch, munch, munch

with auntie seester

As Ronan said to Andrea, "You know you're a redneck when...
your family reunion is spent in the mini."

HAHAHAHHAHA!  What can we say??  It was windy.  (that's my mom, James, Ruby, my sister & Nick in the front seat of the van last Saturday.)



  1. Can Andrea believe she is going to be holding her own little person soon?
    Thanks for the pictures ! Love looking at him.

  2. Yay for James and the hot dog:) Sounds like life is headed towards normal again. Good for you taking all three out!


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