Today is one of those days where I want my baby to sleep, so I can get stuff done, and he keeps waking up.  sigh.  It's noon and he hasn't taken a normal nap yet...and he needs it.  We both do.  :)  When he does this it's usually because he needs to poop so hopefully that will happen soon.  Our house is a wreck.  The sure sign of a good weekend. 

On the plus side:  (because I have been praying to see the plus side all morning) 

  • he slept 6 hours last night  (he's been averaging one 4.5 hour stretch followed by a 3 hour and a 2 hour...pretty darn nice)
  • it's gorgeous outside
  • we spent Saturday with my mom & seester & Ronan  
  • preschool is over in 3 weeks (I hate all the back and forth trips)   (oops, I just said HATE)
 I'm going to be honest here and say that today is not a day that I want to sit around and hold a baby all day, even one as cute as Nicholas.  Here is what I want to be doing and am trying to accept that it's just not meant to be today:

weeding garden, putting new mulch down, getting groceries, writing thank you notes, dishes, laundry, and finally, changing a poopy diaper!  (hint hint) 

But now I glance down at this little nugget on my lap and know that none of that stuff matters that much.  We have food for dinner and clothes for tomorrow and I think I will be happy if we can just get outside for a walk.  That is my new & improved list:


(pray for me because I'll probably feel frustrated again in 20 minutes) 



  1. I wish I lived there, because I would come over and hold that little nugget for you all day!! It would be a win-win. You would get a much needed break and I would get to snuggle with one of the cutest little guys ever.

    Praying for you Steph. That is frustrating and hard. Hope he poops soon!

  2. Hey there! I've been thinking about you guys a ton and hoping we can get together soon. I have a little present for Nicholas! Hoping he decided to sleep so you can accomplish some goals!!

  3. I needed a little exercise, was feeling grumpy and ho-hum, so took out the bike and the bicycle trailer and tooled around the neighborhood and feel SO MUCH BETTER! The very SECOND that poopy diaper is changed, you get outside for that walk! You know you'll feel better. (hugs)

  4. Ooo, I wish I could come and hold Nicholas, too!!!!

    Will both of the bigger kids be home all summer? You'll be busy!


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