week ending

J:  Mom, Nicholas just told me he knows third grade math.

Here is my buddy after our grocery shopping trip the other day.  Baby was pooped out.  Mama was, too, but we got nearly $200 worth of groceries and there only a few tears!  (and they were not mine!)  I am so thankful that Ruby is usually SO good in stores as long as James is not with us.  (those two feed off of each other and act like wild dogs.)

Yesterday morning my neighbor came over for coffee (that makes me feel like such a grown up) and then the kids and I went to have lunch with Patrick.  Patrick who is being the sweetest guy in the world lately.  mmmmmmm.  love that.

Yesterday afternoon was kind of depressing.  We had an allergy incident which always makes me sad.  James is totally fine but it usually takes me a day or two to shake the bad feelings.  It's mostly the reminder of how real this is, which is a good thing actually, but hard.  I don't have time to write it all out but it sucked.  A little later on Ruby got nipped by our neighbor's dog.  sigh.  She is fine, too, and the dog has had his shots but it was a strange situation that I had to deal with right after the stuff with James.  Luckily nothing happened to Nicholas.  :)

We were going to go to Picnic Point today but Heidi told me it has blue-green algae so we're going to skip that.  Not sure what the plan is now but it's another gorgeous day and a three day weekend lies ahead.  How nice.  Mom - Ruby is wearing one of her new outfits today and it looks really cute!  I'll try to get a picture.  OH, and Nicholas has done a seven hour stretch the last 2 nights.  What a little buddy.

I might not be back over the weekend, it's hard to say.  Please say a prayer for Melissa today as she is going to be working hard to bring a new life into this world.  xoxoox & Happy Memorial Day!


  1. sorry i haven't said so lately, but i do love/need this blog every day, so thank youthankyouthankyou honey.....he's growing, sniff sniff, but what a cutie, hmmmm? 7 hours.....wow, good job nick. i feel better now that we have at least a tentative plan to meet in Eau Clair before too long. sorry about your scare w/james's incident and the dog bite, you can tell me about them on sat., ok? i have to go now. i love and miss you all. gramma

  2. LOVE the new header- you are so creative:)

  3. first off...love the new header...so you and so summer! second...love little Nick and how he fits so well and seems like he's been there all along. went to this amazing sale (think Salvation Army basement of only new Target stuff and 50% off for Memorial Day) Nick better like what I got him because I stood in the most ghetto line for 1 hour in the hot basement :)
    I have the July 10th weekend on my calendar and got the go ahead from Yed! Sorry for the allergy scare and glad James is well. xoxoxoxoxo
    That's one for each of you, even Patrick, because he's such a sweet conjito lately :)

  4. Hi Mom, thanks for the comment. ;)

    Thank you Holly & Sarah! :)

    Sarah - I CANNOT wait to see you! Annie is going to be so excited, too!! Tell Yed thank you for letting you go already. :) You will not be gone from the marital bed for too long. hehehehehe. Thank you for standing in a ghetto line for my Nick. He will love whatever it is...especially you. oxoxoxoxo


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