I don't feel fully prepared for how fast this time with baby Nicholas is going. 

We put him to sleep last night, unswaddled.  He slept for 8 hours, ate, and slept for 4 more.  I put him down for his morning nap awake and unswaddled and he put himself to sleep with no crying, just some complaining.  (I had rocked him for about 10 minutes and he just wasn't settling in.)

(insert sad face)

I am thrilled if we can really switch over to him being unswaddled so easily.  It gets harder and harder the bigger and stronger they get and I remember it being a big transition with both James & Ruby.

He just looks so little in that crib all alone.  He looked cozy swaddled up, with his sleep positioning foam blocks and a blanket tucked over his legs.  Now there is no bumper, no nothing.  Just Nicholas. (I did wrap the bumper around the outside of his crib so it's not totally bare.  He loves the stripes on it.)  (I think.)

I need to sew a little sleep sack for him.

sigh.  my baby.

I just wasn't quite ready for these big changes.


Day six, yesterday, was another good day.  We had swim lessons, did some errands and then met friends at the Middleton spray pad.  Patrick then met us at the park and we had dinner there. 

I just don't have much else to say right now.  (sniffle.)  I hope you all have good weekends and I'll see you back here next week. 


p.s.  He's nine weeks today.  sob.


  1. "We put him to sleep last night"
    Maybe 'We put him to BED' would sound a little better my dear daughter.


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