cost-benefit analysis

I was sitting upstairs yesterday afternoon feeling thankful for all the time I get to spend with Nicholas.  It seems like I get to snuggle him a lot and I don't always feel rushed when I'm nursing him like I remember feeling with Ruby.  (when I had a 2.5 year old James)  It is definitely easier having a baby when you have a 4 year old.  (and a 6 year old who's at school) (for another week)  (insert feelings of empathy for my sister in law who has a 4.5 month old (who is starting to crawl!) and an almost 2 year old)

It was then that I heard riotous laughter coming from her and James in the backyard.  I got up to investigate.

She was splashing in a little Ruby-made mud pit, naked.  I made her put some underpants on and let her back at it...I knew the pictures would be cute.  ;)

A little while later I heard her in the garage.  I opened the door and found her on the hood of the van eating a cracker.

I think all of those quiet moments I am appreciating with Nicholas might come at a cost.

I am okay with that.



  1. oh my - the cracker part. the rest is just plain ole fun

  2. she is a hoot! those pictures are great.

  3. :) The cracker made me laugh, too, Kari.


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