day five


Yesterday we stayed at the pool with Wendy for a while after James' lessons.  It opens for open swim right when he's done at 1:00 so that is nice.  Ruby still wanted to collect all the squirt toys like she did last year and James was happy to find a classroom buddy to play catch with.  I wish that lady wouldn't have been so close for that shot of him cute.  I was nervous at first because Nicholas was awake and there is no shade there.  Luckily he fell asleep and stayed that way.  See him sucking his thumb! 

As a matter of fact he is napping right now unswaddled.  Could this be a new trend??

My mom suggested I get one of those camp chairs with the umbrella or canopy attached.  Has anyone seen them anywhere this year?  I found them on Amazon but would rather just go pick one up.  I think that would be perfect for holding the wee one at parks and pools where there is no shade.

I was alone when I started this but now the children are circling.  Have a good day!



  1. As soon as I saw that picture of him sucking his thumb, my heart just melted and I had my "awww" moment for today. He is so adorable.
    I have noticed people with those chairs lately so I'll ask next time I see one. I'll call you if I see one at a garage sale.

  2. So cute! I just saw those chairs at Menards . . . lots of them! I want to go to that pool sometime, it looks so safe and refreshing! :)

  3. Those chairs are on sale at Menards this week for $15.00, good deal!


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