day four


James is totally into drawing these days and wants to draw everything SUPER sized.  His teacher let him take a few Mr. Sketch markers home which brought back a ton of memories for me.  My mom used to work at A&E Supply Co. (an art supply store at the mall) and I remember her bringing home the smelly markers for me.  We stopped at Staples on Monday and got a couple packs for our summer drawing.  Love them.

I am almost ashamed to admit how I am "remembering" how much fun James is to have around.  I've mainly seen him at my tiredest point of the day for the last 9 months and I am really enjoying having him around in the early, more energetic hours. 

We seem to be getting into a little groove and I am beyond thankful.  Another thing I am thankful for?  That James will go back to school in September and Ruby will start preschool again (for 2.5 hours/day this time) and I will be able to easily run to Target or the thrift store or wherever with just my little nickle. 

I hope that doesn't sound awful.  I am no where near wishing this summer over's just fun to think of that bit of a break a few months from now.  Just like I don't really have the urge to leave Nicholas yet but it is fun thinking of browsing the fabric or book store alone again some time in the future.

Maybe tomorrow I will share the list of ideas we came up with for stuff to do this summer.  We can't draw with smelly markers all day every day, can we?



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