day one


could not have gone any better.

It was a total answer to prayer as Wednesday afternoon was another hard one (understatement) and yesterday was the first day of summer vacation and my birthday. 

I had a very happy birthday.  Yay!  :)

I am going to limit my time online until we get a good routine going and things are back on track with my boy.  I hope yesterday was some indication that they are??!  One can always hope, right?  ;)

I hope you all have a happy weekend filled with what you love.



  1. I love (in a good, moral way!) that Ruby is naked in a bin of water in the middle of the kitchen. You are such a fun mom to go along with that stuff! I hope your weekend is fun filled and relaxing!

  2. I love that picture of Nicholas! His arms are so cute. I just want to squeeze them!
    So glad to hear things went so well. I have had my nephews over the last 3 days, so my boys have been distracted and entertained, which helped a ton!

  3. happy summer! happy belated b'day! i love that chubby baby in the bath shot. perfect. what a time this must be for mighty james- finishing school, the new dude- he'll be fine! he has you.

  4. Happy Birthday plus a day, Stephanie! Love all of the pictures, but, really, Nick? With the lathered up hair? Priceless.


  5. thank you all. you are all so sweet to me.


  6. In the picture of Ruby with Nick, Nick looks like a doll. I mean a play doll. Cute.


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