day three


I decided to start painting the rest of the kitchen on Sunday morning.  I had a nice plan to do one section at a time so as not to blow the kitchen totally apart as it is the most used room in the house.  Enter Patrick. 

The kitchen is totally blown apart.

The good part is that he is totally helping me.  The bad part is that it is a horrible mess and I am the one who has to be in it all day.  Add a whole ton of groceries that we got yesterday and OH MY, what a mess!  oh well.  I hope to have it back to normal by the end of Saturday.  There isn't that much left to paint so it should be doable. 

James talked me into going to my room for our quiet time instead of them going to their room.  Nicholas is sleeping on the bed next to me, it's raining outside and I just heard a chair slide across the kitchen floor.  I don't even's so peaceful up here.  :)

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of summer school but James decided he didn't really want to go.  I was so hoping he would do that.  Nicholas usually naps most of the morning and I really hated the thought of losing that chunk of time every day.  He is still going to do his swim lessons at 12:30 though and chose to go today, even in the rain. 

I stopped doing crunches on June 9th, after having completed 850 of them, and haven't started again.  I had also lost 3 pounds but haven't been counting points since my birthday last week.  I haven't been going overboard with food though and am going to commit to restarting this Thursday.   (I weigh myself on Thursdays)

Nicholas has his 2 month appointment tomorrow morning and I am not looking forward to him having shots.  I am only going to let him get one of them.  I want to go slowly with him...we have plenty of time to get them all in before Kindergarten.

Gots to go read for a while.  xoxo


  1. TWO months? how did THAT happen?

  2. My birthday was last week! Happy birthday to you:) I do the same thing with Chloe's immunizations- one or two each time. It so irks me that we have Viagra but haven't figured out how to give less injections to babies!

  3. If you request Pediarix immunizations you get a few less pokes. They combine some of the shorts.

  4. We do get the combined shots, Kathy, but there are still so many. :(

    I know. How can he be 2 months already????


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