day two (last friday)


Our second day all together went really well.  The kids got squirrelly in the morning but I made them play outside and that seemed to work for all of us.  In the afternoon we met Wendy and some of her friends at the Janesville wading pool.  It's a little trip (45 min) but well worth it...such a fun place!  We are definitely going to go back there this summer.

I felt pretty happy driving along the highway with our 3 kids tucked in their carseats behind me.

I am almost out of time.  Today is our third day and so far, so good.  I mean, the kids are acting like kids not angels, but there has been nothing out of the ordinary.  Thank God.   

I miss it here but will be around more eventually.

I always am.  ;)

p.s.  That close up of Nicholas TOTALLY reminds me of my Dad.



  1. Looks like you're having nice weather. Boy it's sure been $hitty here.
    Going to Back to the 50's Thur-Sun, hope the weather is better there.
    I don't think I look like that little Irishman...(too much)

  2. Love all the pics. Your kids are so cute :) Please email me the directions or address of that wading pool. It looks like a blast. I'm willing to drive anywhere if it's fun and hopefully wears my kids out. Plus a little road time is always nice for me to chill out while they watch t.v.

  3. That pool looked awesome!! Can WE go? PLEASE PLEASE?? You have the cutest kids in the whole world. xoxo SEESTER (glad I proof read this one, I had written poop instead of pool!) hahaha

  4. Hey! I grew up in Janesville and spent many, many hours at that pool. My kids love it now too. Of course, the 20 foot high, metal slide-of-death has been removed, but it's still a great spot. I recognized it in the first picture. Glad to hear your summer is going well so far. :)


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