It is pretty close to 11pm and here I am.


(sorry, had to)

I just miss this darn blog. I know I can't start every post all summer with, "I've been so busy" or "I just don't have any time" but that's what it feels like so far. The thing is, I'm forgetting stuff! Cute stuff that I normally make this here blog remember for me!

For example:

S: Did you play in the fort, Ruby? (the fort her brother built with his buddy today and she couldn't play in until he left)
R: No.
S: what?? why not?
R: The TV was too awesome.

I understand. TV can be pretty awesome sometimes. But that fort was killer, Ruby.

Okay, that was funnier at the time.

I am loving me some husband tonight.

No, not right now.


He is just very cute and I love him so.

I also love my bed and my contacts are sticky so I should go.

that totally rhymed.


p.s. Thank you...today was a much better day. And I'm glad you all approve of the menu. I'd have you all over if I could. :)

Hey. That's not a bad idea...

(for us locals) (maybe someday later this summer...)


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