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My Dad finished restoring another Amphicar!  and he's bringing it here in July!!  You can see the awesomeness here.

My sister in law Cheryl sent me this adorable picture of her sweet Vivi snoozing:

Andrea and Ronan had a perfect (in my opinion) New England day last weekend.  They got up early and went on a whale watch out of Gloucester  (love Gloucester) and then went on up to Rye.  (love Rye)  Here are a couple of the beautiful pictures she got:

I don't have pictures (Thomas? Erin?) but my brother and Erin just closed on the land they purchased in Duluth and my mom says it's gorgeous!



  1. oh, those whale photos are GORGEOUS!

  2. Your dad is a brilliant!!!
    I guess you knew that already =)


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