he giggled


I had no internet access yesterday!  What a creepy feeling.  I survived, though.  I resorted to that old standby, the telephone.

First of all, Nicholas giggled last night.  Three times.  I could have just eaten him right up...it was so cute.  All I had to do was bark and growl at him a little.  (softly)  My buddy.  I also swaddled him last night as he seemed way overtired.  He settled right down and went to sleep.  I don't think we'll call the swaddle "over" but I will try to not use it all the time.

Hmmmm.  What else?  The kitchen is done.  Yay! I asked Patrick if he'd help me do the bathroom next (just white) and he said sure.  Same idea...I'd start slowly this week and he'd help when I asked.  Yeah, right.  I got back from Target on Sunday afternoon and he had everything out of the bathroom.  sigh.  At least I don't have to try and make dinner surrounded by that mess.  :)  I do appreciate his enthusiasm.


We went to the zoo yesterday afternoon after swim lessons were canceled do to someone yakking in the pool.  It was hot and muggy but we had a nice time.

Brief explanation of some of the pictures:

raisins "dive" in sprite  (try it!), cyclones in sprite are fun to make, one of James' huge drawings (on the wall behind him), new rug (with dominoes), Ruby at play, and a hilarious card from my seester.



  1. Glad to see you guys are having a good summer so far.


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