hey! it's tuesday already!

I was trying to sew a replacement sling for a small hammock I got two (maybe one??) years ago and it was making me so anxious that I had to put it down.  I ate a leftover hamburger and an apple and feel a lot better.  I think sewing a tricky project with an empty stomach was not a good idea.  yeesh.  I am almost afraid to have coffee.  (but not that afraid)

So.  How are you?  Good weekend, I hope.  Ours was good.  I took Nicholas to do some shopping on Saturday, we stayed home on Sunday (Patrick's birthday - his wishes) and yesterday we took the kids for a bike ride and then to the zoo.

I feel like I have all this stuff that I want to say but I am still kind of itchy (my hair is tickling my face) and anxious and think the baby might wake up at any time.  What's wrong with me this morning??  out. of. sorts.  allergies?  gah.

Speaking of the baby.  Last night I got up to nurse him and found him half way down his crib, unswaddled.  The little stinker learned how to push himself backwards which gets him out of his swaddle and on the move.  Time to take out the bumper, I guess.  It wasn't a fluke because he did the same thing this morning.  I think he silently works to loosen up his arms and then starts using his feet while he's calling for me.  He is so freaking cute.

His face looks a lot better lately.  I can't wait to see how much he weighs on Wednesday.  The 3-6 month onesies are just fitting him but I plan to whip up an extender (out of an old onesie) so they will last longer.  (they are too short, not too tight in the belly.)

Here are Ruby and her buddies at the park last week:

It's nearly impossible to get them all to look normal at the same time:

My dear cousin Sarah commented on the last post how Nick has seemed to seamlessly slip into our family.  Patrick and I were just talking about that this weekend.  It's been a pretty gentle transition so far, I am so thankful.  Now, however, I am getting nervous to have all three of them home this summer.  James can really be a pill lately and I know I'm going to have to make sure and stay on top of disciplining him.  I hope a couple weeks of showing him that I am serious will set the tone for a nice summer.

That and a lot of vinegar, of course.  ;)



  1. Love your new banner, Steph! You inspire me to do something... Love the pictures of your kiddos, too.

  2. I love that smile! What a cute baby Nicholas!!!

    btw, I keep worrying that James' allergic reaction is because of us. Is it? Oh, I'm so sorry either way. How scary...

  3. I adore that face. ADORE it. And love how much he looks like both Ruby and James. Kiss all of them-

  4. Those pictures are all so cute:)


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