hot and bothered

Hot refers to the above hot pads for James' teacher that I just finished this morning.  The simplest project can be such a pain in the bum sometimes...especially when there are many layers to be sewn through.  I like them though, and was very happy to finish them.  His teacher did a wonderful job this year in both teaching him and helping to keep him safe at school.  I am so thankful we had her. 

Bothered refers to James.  OH MY GOSH, the boy is testing me.  (well, both of us but mostly me)  (gee thanks)

Wendy and her girls stopped over after school yesterday and James was so wound up and naughty.  He couldn't stop being naughty and disrespectful and it kept spiraling until he ended up in his room for the rest of the day and lost his computer/iphone/nintendo privileges for 3 days.  He also has to go to bed tonight at 6pm because he wouldn't stop hollering at me from his room.  Then he lost having hot lunch today (this one killed me) because he called me a dummy.  Seriously.  He doesn't know when to quit.  This morning went well, he seemed remorseful but not overly so, so we'll see what happens after school.

I was laying on Nicholas' floor last night (after crunching) and just started crying because I felt so exhausted.  James seriously put my patience to the test yesterday.  I feel good about how I handled it but it still took a lot out of me.  I prayed about it for a while and then came downstairs to check my email.  What was there but an email from another friend, who I really respect as a mother, who had also had one heck of a day with her child.  Now, I was not glad that she was struggling but it sure made me feel better to hear someone else going through something similar.  Thank you, friend...that instantly lightened my heavy heart.  (and thank you God because that was no mere "coincidence.")

I re-read this and think it sounds kind of dramatic but this was seriously a BAD day with that boy.  I think Wendy can attest to that.  I was also thankful that it was Wendy that was here because she didn't act appalled even if she was.  :)  Another funny thing:  at one point James did something and Ruby muttered, "That was NOT awesome, James." 

So that's my drama.  I told Patrick this morning that I want to put James in day care this summer.  This was after calling him yesterday morning to tell him how happy I am with my life.  Oh, the joys of being a mother. 

I don't really want to put him in day care.  (maybe just part time)   I mainly want to get through this and have a fun summer with my kids.  We will.  (I hope)

I have to go brush my teeth now.  I have coffee breath and we are having some visitors in a little while...not a good combo.



  1. You will be fine... but if daycare is what is needed, let's find one that is half way between us so that we can visit sans the "naughty" ones - I have some at my house right now too!

  2. Awwww, poor you after such a poopy day. At least you have Ruby for some comedic relief and Nick for extra snuggles. Boys will be boys, right?? Um, they'll be dinks too! OJ has his days as well, good thing they are cute.


  3. I SO feel your pain. Poppy just says "oh well, maybe tomorrow" when I take things away. FUN. Have you thought about maybe some short term day camps? Might be a nice compromise if you aren't wanting him in daycare on a regular basis. Good luck!

  4. Oh, I've been there and will be back there soon - maybe tomorrow. (actually, maybe right now, while a boy who should be in bed is trying to write his thank you note to his teacher) Good luck on this journey. I'm on it too... :) Teresa

  5. This too shall pass...right? I am seriously looking into some day camps and Vacation Bible Schools....maybe a new one every week :)

    Now if I can get our youngest to fall asleep befor 11 pm, that would be great.

    Ruby always makes me laugh out loud.

    Will be praying for easier days and some respite from all this.

  6. Hey Stephanie, I'm a few days late reading this, but for the record, I was not at all appalled. I have seen much worse from my own little angels! We all have days like that, where our kids test us. And I think you are a great mom!!! :)


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