just had to say this before bed...

I feel better now. I was grumpy about all of this this morning but after some time playing Legos (one of the few toys I like to play with with the kids) and some coffee I felt better. Then I got the sweetest card in the mail from my auntie and that pushed me far, far away from the dark side. I took a picture of the card...I'll post it tomorrow. Thanks Kristy - I needed that. xoxo

Zoe left a comment earlier thinking that I was upset because of a funny comment she made yesterday. I don't know if anyone is paying attention but what I wrote this morning was totally not aimed at Zoe. Totally not. I had a weird experience last week coupled with some anonymous comments posted here last night and that's what had the bee in my bonnet. It's over now. I truly appreciate the kind words you guys left for me. I love your blogs (for those of you that have them) for the same reasons and I feel happy & thankful to have found some kindred blogging spirits/friends.

We just got home a while ago from a picnic dinner (with wine coolers!) and I am pooped. This was a super busy day and I can't wait to go upstairs and read all about why Jake & Vienna broke up.

Love to you. xooxoxox


  1. Hi seester,
    I haven't been able to see your blog in a couple of days, so even though you are not upset anymore, I am!!!
    Obviously whoever would post anything icky does not know you or understand you. I love you and your blog and your NEW BABY! HELLO! Why wouldn't you blog about your NEW BABY!! Thank you for all the pictures and updates, I LOVE them, and you. XOXOXO


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