I was useless by the time Patrick got home last night.  I was starving and tired and James had saved my butt by getting Nicholas to settle down so I could eat.  As soon as Patrick got home I brought Nick up for bed and then collapsed on his bedroom floor (I usually lay him down and then wait a while to make sure he is settled in/enjoy the dark & quiet room).  After a few minutes I finished my crunches.  ugh.  But I did them all yesterday and the 25 from the day before that I had missed.  I also seriously counted points for weight watchers again yesterday.  I had started last Thursday but bombed out after James & Ruby had their troubles that afternoon.  I just needed some cookies that night and then never got back to it.  *shrug*  My first goal is to lose 5 lbs in the next 2 weeks.  (note:  the first 2 weeks on ww is when you lose the most.)

So.  Someone else in this house hasn't been missing any meals.  Nicholas weighs THIRTEEN pounds.  THIRTEEN.  Perhaps this is not shocking to you, that a baby would gain 4.5 pounds in 5 weeks, but it is to us.  James didn't even weigh 20 pounds by a year old.  (again, sorry Ruby, don't recall...)  Nicholas is thriving, to say the least.  I have never really kept track of how often he nurses (except at night) but I might...just for fun.  I will still be nursing this sweet boy on demand, though.  They say a breast fed baby can't eat too much.  Too bad that's not true for the one doing the feeding, right?  :)

We are getting our living room carpet cleaned today for the first time ever.  (professionally I mean, we have done it ourselves)  I will be back later with some fun pictures of babies and whales that were emailed to me yesterday.  xoxo


  1. Vivianne weighed in last week at 13 pounds! Your kids are amazing!
    I think there is a gravity problem in our house. I weighed myself this morning... Worked outside for an hour and a half and sweated at least a bucket... Went in to take a shower and weighed again...I gained 3 pounds. Now I know the cup of coffee and ONE pancake I ate didn't have THAT many calories. It's got to be a gravity problem in the bathroom near my scale.

  2. Go Nicholas! wow. What a healthy and adorable little guy!!


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