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I've been fighting off the urge for a few days to write a big emotional statement about my blog. This usually means that I've had my feelings hurt and I want to defend myself. I am feeling not so emotional now so I feel safe saying a few things:

I am happy right now. So happy and thankful. I am so in love with my baby and so badly want to have a good summer with my kids. I am also so busy, every day, from sun up to sun down. If I do have a few minutes to blog it's mainly putting up cute pictures for my family to see. I don't think myself or my kids are perfect and I hope if you spend any time with me in real life that that is obvious.

I understand that my blog may be boring to read right now, or for maybe the last 11 months even. :) That's okay, it doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't want to read about how much I love my baby anymore. Honestly. You should probably leave now because I don't see this stopping any time soon.



  1. When I don't see a new post I check at least ten times a day for an update!!! I've got you book marked as my #2 read.

    Yesterday I went all out and started up the big computer so I could see your pictures. (My Blackberry only shows a couple) Sada yelled BAY BEE! She recognized James & Ruby as characters from the story book at my moms!

    I love your blog. It makes me try to appreciate Vivi more instead of just being frustrated with Sada trying to snuf her out all the time.

    Xo, cher

  2. Goodness--I love your blog and the window it gives me on your little family. It also comforts me in knowing that my mothering trials are not unique to me, as well as reminding me of the simple joys of personhood, community and family that can sometimes be overlooked in our busy, busy lives.



  3. I'm with Cher. I always check your blog for Nicholas updates. And family updates. I love your blog. I love being able to see what's going on at the Gustagson household. It's your blog. That's the whole point of blogging isn't it? To blog about whatever is on your mind.

    Love ya! Xoxo

  4. I haven't met you in real life (yet!) and it is still obvious that you don't think your family is perfect. I never get why people leave rude comments (or say them) instead of just moving along:( Keep writing about what matters to you!

  5. Just keep on keeping it real sweetheart, your blog is about exactly what those of us that can't be with you everyday want and need. Anyway, as someone once said, people don't have to be perfect to be perfect.....If there are people who don't want to read about the joy, love, amazement, (and everything else :) you feel about your family, well, there are other blogs to choose from, right??? It just seems like a simple problem to solve.......but as for me, I thank God for you and your blog sweetheart, and for giving us all one more way to stay close.Mama

  6. Oh I am so sorry. I did not mean that you should stop showing photos of Nick. I love them and want to see more. I was not thinking when I wrote and was going for a joke, but missed the mark. I love your blog and LOVE to see all your kids all the time. It is how I keep up with you. I do hope that you will forgive me.

    I love your blog and your friendship and hope you forgive me.


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