this post has nothing to do with munchable Nicholas thighs

I grounded myself from the computer today.

I woke up kind of ornery and really wanted nothing to do with my kids.

(at least the oldest two)

They burst into our room bickering at 7:30 and I just wished I could go back to sleep.

Luckily Nicholas woke up so I had a few moments to compose myself before I faced them.

All I wanted to do was laze around online so I unplugged that computer and stashed it under the couch.

(after I checked my email, of course.)

The morning continued to be out of whack but at least I didn't ignore them like I so desperately wanted to. :) We went to swim lessons then to a thrift wasn't a bad afternoon...good to be out of the house. On the way home we stopped for a LARGE diet coke (me) and some Pop-Tarts (them) that we enjoyed while I nursed the baby. Once home things improved and the rest of our day went well.

Right now I am planning the menu for when our guests will be here. I'm thinking pulled pork sandwiches, homemade coleslaw, canned baked beans and fruit salsa with cinnamon chips. Sound good? And maybe some banana cake for dessert. Yum.

But what about the next night? :)

Cheers to a better Tuesday. xoxox


  1. ok, yum............. to both his fat little thighs and your menue :) want some idea's? i don't have any yet but i can look through some recipes. call me when you get the time...have a good day and kiss those bad little kids from gramma,ok? love, mama/gramma

  2. Love his chunky thighs! I remember counting the creases in James, and then slowly counting down as each little crease . . . one by one . . . disappeared. Boohoo. Anyhow, I have had it to here (gestures at air above my head) with my little ones lately. What is it? The humidity?

    Your menu sounds so yummy! What pulled pork recipe do you use?

  3. Hope you have a better day today. Just keep kissing those thighs, it has to help!

  4. Diet Coke and poptarts can cure any troubles.

    Your menu sounds like the perfect summer meal.

  5. Love those thighs!!! I'm in the same boat as you ... completely had it with my monsters. I've decided to stop screaming at them and just ignore them. hahaha ;)


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